The Kyohanayado Inn "Nest"

The Kyohanayado Inn "Nest" was created with image of the birds' "nest" standing in tears while daily houses are built side by side.
Even in the nature or a city, birds make use of the things there at that time, and make the only one unique "nests". While making full use of the old private houses in Kyoto, carpenters and imaginative artists, traditional craftsmen pouring creativity as they care about it, and this "Nest" was made in unique position. We would like the guests to enjoy the time spending at the inn - it is the building rental lodging packed with such a thought of those creators.
The staffs are not staying all day so please relax for your private time in the special place.


  • Visual

    VisualIt is a Kyoto style Machiya Inn, the two-storehouse located further on the other side of the alley in a quiet residential area. It has an appearance that harmonizes nostalgia and absurdity, incorporating an industrial taste, while retaining the appearance of the old private house. The blue goodwill is a landmark.

  • The entrance

    The entranceIf you open a heavy iron door, you will be filled by some warm lights in the space surrounded by stone pavement and dome-shaped earth wall.

  • 1st floor Japanese style room

    1st floor Japanese style roomAn opposite atmosphere from the entrance, a variety of solid woods, some deep colored copper and Suzaku; the defense god of the local area in a wall painting, will welcome you in a uncouth concrete space.

  • Washroom / Bathroom / Toilet

    Washroom / Bathroom / ToiletIt incorporates an industrial taste into a space like a cave based on white color, finishing it in a sophisticated atmosphere. A bathroom with antique tiles and a beautiful enameled bathtub gives a comfortable bathing feel.

  • Bedroom

    BedroomThe bed is in a dome, made by combining supple bamboo is an aggregated space with the image of a "nest". The harmony of light and shadow gives further design ability to the space surrounded by warm and quiet walls and antique wood.

  • Small Japanese-style room

    Small Japanese-style roomWhen you want to spend some slow and quiet time, please open the wooden door in front of the way upstairs. We offer you a special space that blends the tradition and creativity. The daylights and the quietness at nights create different spaces and times.

  • Study (den)

    Study (den)In the back of small Japanese-style room, there is a space for a quiet study (den) with different tastes. We also have prepared as for a Prayer room.


Guest rooms equipment

  • Refrigerator, Portable Wi-Fi, TV, Apple TV, Air conditioner, Hot water heater panel, Microwave, Toaster, Kettle, Table IH cooker, Toilet (with bidet), Hairdryer, Audio equipment

Amenities / Supplies in guest rooms

  • Bath towel, Hand towel, Tooth brush, Toilet rolls, Shampoo bottle, Conditioner, Body soap, Green tea, Tea, Coffee


Access from Kyoto station

  • Taxi
    • Taxi stand at Kyoto station > About 15 minutes of driving / 1,500yen
  • City Bus
    • Kyoto station > Nijō station [Route 206: Bound for Kita-Oji bus terminal / or Route 6: Bound for Bukkyo University, Gentaku] About 20 minutes of driving / 230yen > About 9 minutes walk (800 meters)
  • Municipal Subway
    • Kyoto station > Karasumaoike station [Karasuma Line: Bound for Kyoto International Conference Hall (about 5 minutes on train)] Transfer > Nijo station [Tozai Line: Bound for Uzumasa Tenjingawa (about 4 minutes on train)] About 9 minutes of ride / 260yen > About 9 minutes walk (800 meters)
  • JR Line
    • Kyoto station > Nijo station [Sanin Line: Bound for Sonobe] About 6 minutes of ride / 190yen > About 9 minutes walk (800 meters)

Kyohanayado Inn NEST

Address 1-143 Mibushinmei-cho, Nakagyoku, Kyoto city 604-8861 JAPAN
Check-in from 15:00 to 22:00
Check-out by 11:00
Maximum number of guests 5 person
House rule
  • NO PARTY and NO Loud music in the room.
  • DON’T Go out on the BALCONY.
  • Please refrain from loud noise or activities which may cause trouble for those living nearby.